got shown a ted video to day

ted video

just plain trueth spoken


sunday again

Well lineage 2, is still taking way to much time from me.

I must admit that. 🙂 

But yeah atm, i just feel like i need to have a project, to spark my composing again.

But yeah, i am trying to get my all legal standpoint, to be not a weakness but a strength.

But again, i may hit the problem i was talking of yesterday.

Whit people pirating stuff.

If one knows how much time, it takes to make a composer vst .

And how much work it take, maybe people would be more inclined to buy.

another weekend

Well another week passed.

And way to much time passed on lineage 2 🙂

But yeah, some days i am just pure frustrated.

Over that i as an all legal users, is competing with people who wares.

Software that is way beyond my money.

But yeah, i think that is how things are now a days.

But still it is frustrating for one like me.

Some days i just wanna give up. But

then i turn into .

And get my love for music back.

So just my thoughts of to-day.


welll time to see if

Sorry for the long delay on an update, but is atm playing a lot of lineage 2.

Got a necro and a warsmith atm 🙂 all fun.

But yeah should get back, to composing.

But atm i am broke for the next 2 month, so no new investments for me.

But yeah is still looking for, any option for games. short movies, and reels to score to.

sunday once again

Well for the first time since i know when, i am working on a new tune.

And it feels good, really good i must say.

But yeah in the long break, i kind of lost my edgde but it will return.

But i kind of forgot, how great it is to be creative.

But yeah, this time it feels like being a more classic pice, but who knows where it ends.

at last weekend

Well sorted out my down load problem, turns out i need to run my browser as admin.

dhooo. 🙂

But yeah at last a weekend of scoring.

And drawing in gimp.

But yeah had a typical, agument this morning.

A guy which should remain un named, he claimed that theory is not needet.

But my opinion, of that agument, is that most guys use theory whit out knowing the words.

As suchs.

But if one dont uses, the westen classic theory,  music would just sounds like strange sounds.

No meaning / feeling coud be found in it.

So wonder of that for the weekend.

and happy weekend.

ps big thanks to 8dio and soundrion